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[音樂節奏] FIFA 23 is fully underway and, with a variety of tasks

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    Those of you that pre-ordered the game will be legally entitled to some bonuses within Ultimate Team , including a free Ones to Watch (OTW) player pack.However this could only be described as yet another EA mistake with the Ones to Watch pre-order pack appears to have been distributing Gold merchandise instead FIFA 23 coins.

    At this point of the game, Ones to Watch items can give a major boost to an individual's team.It is unjust that some players are not getting the OTW items that they were guaranteed from pre-ordering The Ultimate Edition of the game.

    EA has since apologized for this Ones to Watch pre-order package mistake and has announced this via its Official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter Account:

    We expect EA to help affected players by redistributing the Ones to Watch pre-order packs that were defective initially and giving you the opportunity to obtain an OTW card.EA will likely let affected users keep the Gold products they purchased from their Ones to Watch pre-order packs.

    So, you may as be tempted to check out Your Ones to Watch pack now in the hope you pull an amazing bade gold item with the confidence that EA will provide you with a free OTW player pack if your pack is faulty.

    FIFA 23 is fully underway and, with a variety of tasks and game modes with Ultimate Team, it can be a difficult place to determine the best time to play - especially if you're brand new to it.

    We have you covered, in this weekly review of all Objectives and SBCs. We'll let that you know the things to keep an eye out for and which ones to avoid. When possible, we will provide tips on how to mix multiple objectivesto make it easier to play.

    Weekend League rewards will be available at 3am ET or 8am BST in the event that you failed to complete all your matches and include Erling Haaland, Wissam Ben Yedder buy FUT 23 coins, and Rafael Leao the Red Picks that you must look out for.
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