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[冒險解謎] Kids Piano: Animal Sounds & Musical Instruments

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    Introducing you to this amazing musical game which is Kids Piano. This game includes many baby instruments with amazing sounds for kids to play and enjoy their best times using this amazing game.

    Using this game kids are not only enjoying and having fun but it is very helpful as they are utilizing their time by playing different instruments that are added in this game.

    In one place, kids can play different musical instruments and memorize different animal sounds.

    Kids can also play kids keyboard, drums for kids, kids flute, child’s guitar, kids xylophone easily on their smartphones or tablet by just tapping on the screen.

    Piano learning has now become very easy for toddlers.

    There are two different modes added into the game that are:-
    1)        Instruments
    2)        Sounds

    1)        Instruments:

    It includes various musical instrument game for Kids that are:-

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