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[媒體] 黑色音樂播放器 BlackPlayer EX v20.47 BETA_build_328

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【軟體語言】 簡體 英文 其他
【軟體名稱】 BlackPlayer EX黑色音樂播放器
【版本資訊】v20.47 BETA_build_328
【更新日期】 2019-1-31
【使用權限】 付費版
【系統支援】 Android 4.0+
【G  P商店】黑色音樂播放器
-- You can now tap on the Extra song into text to change what is displayed. You can now show Year, Genre or Album Artist, instead of showing the Extra track info (44,1KHZ 320kbps MP3)
- NEW! circle view for Now Playing cover
- Multi select to Tracks in single Artist and Albums page
- Improvements to Album cover management.
- Rewind and fast-forward using next and previous track buttons now fast-forwards/rewinds 10s instead of 5s.
- Added Album title row to Material theme.



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