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[管理器] 密碼管理器 1Password - Password Manager Pro v7.0.6._build_7000603解鎖版

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    【軟體語言】 繁體 英文 其他
    【軟體名稱】 1Password - Password Manager Pro
    【版本資訊】 v7.0.6_build_7000603
    【更新日期】 2018-10-10
    【使用權限】 解鎖版
    【系統支援】 Android 4.1+
    【Play商店】 密碼管理器
    With 1Password 7, we're pleased to re-introduce you to 1Password on your Android devices and Chromebooks. We've overhauled practically every aspect of your 1Password experience to make it more delightful. Whether you're admiring the shiny new lock screen, navigating between your vaults, or scanning through your item details, your security has never looked this good. And speaking of security, you can make it even stronger with powerful new tools like Watchtower and the Strong Password Generator.
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