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[其他] 屏蔽廣告(無需ROOT) Adguard Premium v2.12.220_build_2012220解鎖版

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    【軟體語言】 繁體 其他
    【軟體名稱】 Adguard Premium
    【更新日期】 2018-9-10
    【使用權限】 解鎖版
    【系統支援】 因裝置而異  
    【G  P商店】  因此軟體未在google play 故附上說明
    【軟體說明 】
    當處理一個網頁,Adguard做一次幾件事情 :
    1。去除廣告和網上查詢服務,直接從網頁代碼 。
    2。檢查一個網頁對我們的網絡釣魚和惡意網站的數據庫 。
    Have you fastened your seatbelt? Because this AdGuard beta will blow you away! We haven’t released a new beta version for 3+ months (which may be an anti-record, actually), but check out the new stuff: it was well worth the waiting. From the brand new filtering engine to UI improvements and enhancing the DNS filtering — this update has a lot to offer. Let’s have a closer look:
    [Added] Integration with a completely new filtering engine (CoreLibs)

    We have been working hard on integration with CoreLibs for a long time, and we are extremely proud and happy to finally include it into beta. The importance of it has been mentioned before multiple times, including a post in our Blog. We recommend reading it for more details, but if you only want a brief summary, here it is:

    CoreLibs is a cross-platform filtering engine that will substitute previously used platform-specific engines. Thanks to it, the performance rate will increase drastically (twofold for AG for Android, according to our tests!). The unified filtering engine also means shorter development cycles, we no more need to account for the nuances of this or that OS. And finally, many features that only existed for one OS can now be easilly transfered to AG products for other platforms. So expect things like Stealth Mode on Android!

    [Added] Notification channels

    This is something that will only be available to users of Android 8 and newer. We have divided our notifications into six categories: Protection Status, License Status, Updates, Outbound Proxy, Firewall and Other. You can not only enable/disable each category separately in the system notification settings, but also manage each of them by tapping on the category name. This opens wide door for customization. Depending on what is important for you and what is not so much, you can, for example, turn some of them silent while keeping the sound for the rest.
    [Added] Long press app shortcuts

    Taking advantage of the feature available to users of Android 7.1+, we add long tap shortcuts. As it is obvious from the name, you just need to tap and hold on the app icon to bring up a list of fast actions. Among them are toggling the protection status, fetching AdGuard Assistant or checking for updates.
    A note — you can drag any of these options to create a widget.
    There are also two smaller buttons for opening app’s system settings and creating an AG widget, respectively.
    [Fixed] Compatibility problems on Android P

    Android P release is drawing near, and we don’t want to get ambushed by possible compatibility problems when it hits the market. We’ve looked into developer preview and modified our code accordingly.
    [Added] Automation settings (Tasker, AutomateIt, etc)

    A lot of users asked us about ways to automate some of AdGuard’s functions, like disabling protection when a certain app gets launched. Finally, we deliver, and the in-depth guide to automating AdGuard is already available in our Knowledgebase.
    [Improved] DNS functionality

    There are two different imrovements hiding behind one task here. First one is, we have upgraded DNSCrypt proxy to version 2. It is a general improvement, v2 is superior to v1 in speed and security. The other change is a bit more interesting: we’ve added “DNS over HTTPS” (DoH) support. This is an experimental protocol that is more secure due to increased protection against things like eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. You can easily find more technical information about DoH on the internet, but if you don’t want to bother just trust us: it is a nice thing to have

    [Added] More DNS providers added to the “known by default” list
    The more the better, right? Right! This includes such popular providers as Cloudflare Public DNS, FreeDNS and many others. Find one that suits you best!
    [Added] Self-hosted Sentry to catch the app crashes
    New filtering engine (see above: CoreLibs) means that there may be more crashes than usual, and to address them quickly we introduce a new Sentry. It will automatically send crash reports with all the information that developers need to fix the problem. For more details on what exactly is being sent, read our Privacy Policy. Just have a look at how many issues have been dealt with already thanks to it:




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